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Why I Love Monday’s

Monday's are the Best

I Love Mondays, and So Can You!

5 Tips for Making Mondays- “Mindful, Motivational, Meaningful, Melodious & Methodical”


I love Monday’s.  Yes!  I do love MY Monday’s.  It’s the first day of the work week.  A day to start fresh.  Monday is a day full of possibilities. I believe that Monday is a day to get you excited to relish the opportunity for all that is possible for the rest of the week in front of you.  Here are a few tips that I have adopted to make sure I welcome the beginning of the week with the right frame of mind.


Mindset Monday

It’s about attitude, positive attitude that is.  If you begin your week with a positive mindset you are setting the tone for your week.  “Start off well, end well.”  I am also a big believer in positive affirmations.  In fact, I have my list hanging right on my bathroom mirror.  When I am brushing my teeth first thing in the morning I am reminded of all the things that bring meaning to who I am.


Motivated Monday

Get with it!  Get up and get ready!  Take your positive attitude and motivate yourself by doing a workout and getting your blood flowing.  A positive mindset will help boost your cellular energy level to help you feel motivated to accomplish a pattern of exercise.  An early workout routine is best for getting your body ready for the day so you feel like you can conquer the world!


Meaningful Monday

Give your Mondays meaning!  Open a book…not just any book…the Book!  Spending time in God’s word will not only give meaning to your Monday but meaning to your life.  Meditating on scripture allows you to build relationship with your creator.  And, all of life’s lessons can be found in the Bible.  Yes, our instruction book to life is God’s word!  If that doesn’t give you meaning I don’t know what will!


Melodious Monday

Be joyful!  If you are dreading Monday then you will steal the joy out of Sunday!  Everyday that you wake up and still have breath you should feel gratitude.  Life is short!  We only have one opportunity to live life.  Make the most out of it with a joyful and grateful heart.  


Methodical Monday

Have a plan!  Decide what you need to accomplish.  Write it down and and conquer!  If you have a “method for your madness” you are more likely to get the things done that you have planned.  Monday is your opportunity to plan for the week.  Take action by setting priorities, goals and objectives for your week ahead.


One big thing I have learned about life is that it’s very difficult to manage time.  We have to be managers of ourselves.  When I learned to self manage I became more productive and focused to really accomplish my objectives.  And, when you can start your week off being mindful, motivated, meaningful, melodious, and methodical you will be in a much better position to manage yourself and others.  


I want you to love YOUR Mondays!  In fact, I want you to love everyday of the week because each has so much opportunity to offer you!


  Joyfully, Shanna



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