Valene’s Story

Everyone has a story… and everyone has to start somewhere.  This wife and mom of three decided to become more physically and spiritually FIT… It’s YOU vs YOU!  The New YOU.. with God’s strength will WIN every time.  I am so proud of this FIT SISTER!   She has fire in her soul and is unstoppable!   You are so LOVED!

Stay in the FIGHT and FINISH the race until it’s our final round.  
 2 Timothy 4:7

Valene’s Journey

Before I started with Beachbody in October, I was at my highest weight that I have ever been. I was trying to exercise and eat right the best that I knew how. I had talked to my doctor about what I could do. I was thinking about it ALL DAY LONG and saying very unkind things about myself in my mind all day long. I wish I could describe in words how frustrated I felt with myself. I would cry about how uncomfortable I felt, cry to my husband, cry out to God….I was really struggling. I have 3 beautiful babies, ages 5, 4, and 2…and I really love them- but it was pretty hard to exercise daily and eat right with these guys with me all day, every day. (And it still is!)  I had seen things on Shanna’s Facebook page for years and I had even talked with her about Beachbody maybe a year earlier. But I was finally just so desperate to make a change.

Shanna had me start drinking one chocolate Shakeology a day and start exercising with a workout program called 21 Day Fix. This program laid out exactly what types of foods I should eat, how much of them to eat (no calorie counting!), and 30 minutes of exercise at home every day. So I started it, kind of believing it wouldn’t help me. But after the 21 days, I was down 7 lbs and 9.5 inches. The Shakeology drink had become my favorite thing I would eat all day. The super sweet tea and chocolate that I thought I HAD to have every day around 3:00…I didn’t even miss it that much! In fact after the 1st week, I remember thinking one day “I didn’t have chocolate today”. Big deal for me, because it’s not fun to “diet” and feel deprived. But with this plan, I didn’t feel deprived...I was making better choices and still getting to eat treats once in a while and I felt EMPOWERED. Empowered to take control of what I eat and how I spend my extra bits of time. 

And slowly….the negative thoughts that I was having about my body and that were just CONSTANTLY on my mind were fading away. I was able to THINK about other things again and not just be consumed with how discouraged I was about my body. For me, I am not aiming to have the most muscles or abs or whatever…I just wanted to stop worrying about how uncomfortable I felt all the time so I could focus on other things! God has given me much to pray about and to do, and I wasn’t able to focus on any of it because this struggle was so distracting.
After 21 Day Fix, I did 30 days of a workout program Core de Force and stayed on track with the same eating plan I had been following before. I lost 8 more lbs and 10 more inches with this program! I put in ALOT of work….the lbs didn’t just fall away without effort. I worked hard. But looking back…it’s only been 2 months!! I had been putting it off for so many months. Makes me sad to think about how I could have freed myself from all of those horrible thoughts and feelings MONTHS AGO if I had said yes to Shanna earlier. I am so thankful that I just finally did it. I am learning so much about how to take care of myself and my family. The price of the Shakeology is what turned me off months ago….but honestly it has been worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY to look back and realize that I have not said one self-destructive thing about myself this month. I’m sure my husband is glad he doesn’t have to hear me complain all the time too 🙂 Worth every penny to feel better! Worth every penny to be free to think about other people and other things. And I’m not stopping here…  Valene
And her story continues…..  God is not done yet!  Keep going darlin! We are cheering for you!
From October 2016 to September 2018….  That smile speaks volume and so much JOY!  Our lives aren’t about being perfect. It’s about allowing God to work through us each and every day. Give Him the glory!