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One Word Concept

One Word Concept


Resolutions?  Let’s all make promises to ourselves that we know we really aren’t going to keep.  Yeah, it’s January 2017 so it’s time to make our resolutions for the year.  No Thank You!  


Yes, I used to be guilty like most people of saying on December 31st or January 1st that I was going to do something…eat better, go to the gym more, set a budget…whatever it was, only to get a couple of weeks into the year and give up.


I really wanted change.  The new year is a time for change, a fresh beginning.  But, how could I set out to accomplish something that even I knew I was likely to give up on.  You see, those ideas that we resolve to do for the sake of accomplishing something that may not be realistic are based on the type of person we have become tired of being rather than the one true person who God wants us to become.  The reality is that resolutions are typically broken then they leave us with a sense of guilt for not being able to accomplish them.  Who wants that?  


There is nothing wrong with desiring a fresh start or wanting to change something about ourselves.  We all want growth and certainly the start of a new year is a natural time to make changes.  What if we took these feelings and we turned them over to God?  I believe God wants BIG things for us.  He wants us to come before Him and seek His wisdom and His guidance.  


A couple years back I was introduced to the “My One Word” concept.  One word?  Really, how do you apply a list of desires and hopes to ONE word?  It really is simple, believe it or not.  Choosing one word gives you clearer direction but still allows you to focus on multiple desires.  


Pastor Mike Ashcroft and Rachel Olsen, who co-authored the book “My One Word”, developed a 3 step process to help you go about picking a word:


Step 1:  Determine the kind of person you want to become

The first step is to simply take some time and decide what kind of person you want to be at the end of this year.  This goes beyond simply healthier and wealthier, but is must drive deep into your soul.  What about the condition of your heart?  What about the person that God, Himself, has created you to be?

Step 2:  Identify the characteristics of that person

Get a picture of that person and then simply identify their major characteristics.  Is that person gentle?  Is that person generous?  What are the qualities of the person you want to become?

Step 3:  Pick a word

One you have a list of characteristics, simply pick a word.  There might be 15 things that you want to change, but you must resist the temptation to promise you will do them all.  Instead, simply commit to ONE WORD!


Remember, that praying for God’s direction will help you to determine what one word He is placing on your heart.  Always, allow Him to lead!  Once God has given you your word share it with others, find biblical scripture that brings additional meaning to it, and meditate on it daily to bring clarity and direction to how God is working in your life.


My ONE Word for 2017:  FOCUS


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