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Meet Shift Shop Super Trainer, Chris Downing

Shift Shop forces you to think differently about your goals and your potential.  Sure, your body will change — but that’s simply the icing on the cake compared to the shifts in your thinking that can happen when you go all in with the Shop. Chris shares how out of the lowest point in his life, came a defining moment where he literally spoke his new life into existence.  What happened after that defining moment will blow you  away.  I  really encourage you to listen to this interview because we think there is great wisdom here for everyone — whether you do the Shift Shop program or not.



“Before Beachbody, I was training athletes in my gym. I had up to 3 million views on my YouTube videos and people were watching them in 215 countries. As a result of that, I started receive offers for endorsements. That’s what I really wanted. My dream was always to become a trainer for Nike. Everything was going great, and then I got in trouble.

I was convicted of a felony drug possession for something I didn’t do. Basically, a package full of drugs was delivered to my son’s mom’s house and the police believed I was responsible for it. It had my son’s mom’s name on it, so they said if neither of us admitted to it, they’d take her since her name was on it. At that point, I claimed responsibility for it to make sure she didn’t get in trouble.

They took me to the police station and grilled me about who sent the package and I told them over and over again that I didn’t know. The narcotics team at the police department wanted to make an example of me since I was a public figure, so they booked me and held me there until I bailed myself out about 8 hours later. I had to go to court the next morning and it was an absolute circus. At that point, people had found out about it, so there were tons of people from the community there and members of the media.

I really got beat up by the members of my own community at that point. People were sending hate mail and disowning me for something I didn’t do. They said the police needed to make an example of me since I worked with kids, and they said they knew I couldn’t have been that successful just owning two gyms. I didn’t blame them because that’s how things seemed if you believed only what you read in the media. I had to give my community the benefit of the doubt just knowing that they didn’t know the whole story. I could have handled all of that, but when my daughter started to get bullied in school, that’s when I really had a problem with it.

My daughter started acting out and blaming me for everything that was going on. One day, I discovered she hadn’t done her laundry before leaving for her grandmother’s house for the weekend, that was a rule of mine. So, I called her and told her she had to get back home and finish the laundry before she was allowed to be at her grandma’s house. She ignored me and we fought. I told her I was going to come get her car and she’d be grounded, and that was it.

Once we hung up, she went straight to the drug store and bought a bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol. She went back to her grandma’s house and locked herself in the bathroom with the water running… told her grandma she was taking a bath. Not long after that, her grandfather got home from work and went upstairs and knocked on the bathroom door. No answer. He went back downstairs for a moment and asked her grandma when she started taking baths. They both thought it was weird since they had only ever seen her take showers. He went back upstairs and cracked the door a little bit. That’s when he saw her hands draped over the bathtub. She had taken 30 Extra Strength Tylenol.

It was very scary there for a little bit, but she did finally make it through and fully recover. But for me, the criticism only got worse from there. People blamed me for her suicide attempt. Told me I was a bad father. Whenever I would visit her, they always had security watching me. It just crushed me.

One day I was getting home from visiting her and as I was pulling into the driveway, I got a call from the guy, a good friend of mine, who had been editing my YouTube videos… the ones that were getting so much attention online. He told me that he could no longer manage my YouTube content. Because of everything I was going through, he didn’t want to be affiliated with me anymore. I told him I understood and we hung up.

At this point, I had been sentenced to 3 years probation, with a minimum of 3 years in jail if I mess up. My daughter is in the hospital after a suicide attempt, and I’ve basically lost all of my clients. I was just numb.

The next day, I looked in my bank account. I had been saving money for a while, so I had about 20 thousand dollars in there. I jumped in the car and went and bought all the equipment for shooting and editing video. I had absolutely no idea how to do any of that. All I knew was how to turn the camera on. Back at the house I started unloading boxes and boxes of equipment and my son’s mom was looking at me like I was nuts. When she saw the receipt and realized I’d spent 18 thousand dollars on everything, she was livid.

I took her criticism on the chin, headed down to the basement and called a local director friend of mine. I asked him if he’d be willing to put some feelers out and see if there was someone who would be willing to come to my house a couple days a week and teach me how to use it. He found someone and the guy came over twice a week and showed me how to use everything.

Now here’s the deal. At this point, my daughter is out of the hospital, but hates my guts. The community is still totally crushing me, and my business is in shambles. My friends turned their backs on me. I was basically just in the basement, in my man cave, hiding out from the rest of the world. I sat there and thought about my uncle. He was the only person I could think of that would have been able to pull me out of this slump. He could have given me the tough love and motivation I needed to get through it, but he had passed away. That’s when the guilt hit me. I sat there and thought about how I had killed my uncle’s dream for my future. Everything he said I could be as a trainer, I just ruined it. The guilt was so overwhelming, I just sat there and cried.

Out of nowhere, I had a thought come across my mind….”

Start the video at 22:30 to see how Chris overcame this incredibly difficult time in his life and learn how he was discovered by Carl Daikeler himself. No matter how bad things are or have been in your life, Chris’ story is GUARANTEED to inspire you. Watch.

Then share with me what you LOVE about his Story and what you LEARN about his Story!   You can shoot me an email at

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