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Meal Planning with meal prep


eat like your life depends on it


Prep Ahead Guide
Who has time to throw together three complete home-cooked meals every day? Not many us. Especially teachers, full time working moms or dads and even some stay at home moms. But please, you shouldn’t let that deter you from eating like a champ. The KEY is strategy. PLAN ahead and you will have success to staying Healthy and staying on TRACK.

This was works great in our family! Sunday afternoon we sit down and plan out our meals for the week and make our grocery list right then. We look at our calendar and consider quick and easy meals for late football practices, school meetings, or evenings that we have some event planned. For example, if I am going to be gone all day…a crock pot meal is the way to go. If I have to be at a meeting at 7pm, Fiesta Tacos make a great quick meal with easy clean up. If you would like Shanna Corum Body & Soul’s weekly meal plan templates, contact us at

Meat- Most meat will keep in a sealed container in the fridge for up to three days (some longer), so when you grill or broil something, throw on a couple extra for the next week.

Eggs- Hard-boiled eggs in their shells last for a week in the fridge. Boil a bunch on Sunday for a week’s worth of the ultimate on-the-go protein source.

Grains- Pasta, rice, quinoa, and the rest all do well in the fridge for a week in a tightly sealed container. Just pull out what you need and microwave it or give it five minutes in a saucepan with a couple tablespoons of water.

Salads and Vegetables- Wash’em, dry’em, chop’em, and throw’em in a glass container, with a folded dry paper towel on the bottom to absorb any moisture. You have fresh, easy to access produce for the week. I mix grapefruit seed extract concentrated with water in a spray bottle to rinse my organic/non-organic veggies and fruits. (the brand I use is NutriBiotic, The GSE liquid concentrate, Grapefruit Seed Extract)

Fruit- You can wash fruit in advance, but avoid chopping it up or it’ll oxidize (turn brown).
That said, if you just need it to last overnight, spritzing it with a little lemon juice should keep the brown at bay.

Dressing- You can make your own dressings (if you need recipes, contact I store them in jars we have collected from different glass food items. Just remember, when looking for a dressing, reading the label is the BEST advice. Look at sugars, sodium, additives and fats. Also look for big words you have no idea how to pronounce! If you don’t know what it is then put it back on the shelf! The least amount of ingredients is the better, in my opinion.

Freezing Soups and Sauces- Whenever you’re making a soup or sauce, prepare as much as your pot will allow, then freeze the extra in two or three-serving freezer containers. They’ll keep in there for up to a year. I have the best pasta sauce recipe if you would like to try a new one.

Here is a video with a few tips that I use.. glass containers and Grapefruit seed extract to wash my veggies and fruits. I made this after Labor Day.. And I repeat it each week. I shopping off a list of meals that we are having for that particular week.


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