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Liift 4, Crushed it!

Today I finished  a brand new program that officially launches in October.   And I crushed it!  Seriously, loved the whole program.
I only worked out FOUR days a week 30-40 minutes. That’s it! The workouts include lifting, cardio, and core (seriously strong abs).  And I have the best eating plan to go with it!    ( yes you get to eat great foods, with treats)
I started with 5lbs and ended up with 25lbs with  some moves!  It is a crazy awesome feeling when you see your progress over the 8 weeks.
This program is INCREDIBLY effective! You can spend hours in a gym and still not get the results you want. Why not have an elite trainer come to you anywhere you are….saving TIME and MONEY!
My next group starts on September 17th (YES! You can get early access) and I would LOVE to have you join my Body & Soul Virtual Gym.
Here are my personal thoughts on why I loved this program.
We are stronger together,
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