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Creating healthy habits!

I know I’ve talked to y’all about the importance of establishing a morning routine, but today I want to emphasize the importance of creating healthy habits! A habit is defined as – a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. 

Habits are difficult to start, but once you have established a regular practice they are hard to give up! This is great news! If you commit to making a habit, it will be ingrained into your day to day. 

The Summer Wellness Club is here to encourage you to feel the way you want to feel, and creating healthy habits is one way to do that! 

This Forbes article talks about the science behind habits and how to effectively structure your habits so that you can be successful in creating routine! Andrew Ferebee, the author of Knowledge For Men, says that all habits can be broken into 3 parts. 

  1. The cue – the internal or external trigger to take action 
  2. The action – the actual habit 
  3. The reward – the reward your brain receives from the action

Ferebee explains that some of the difficulty in creating HEALTHY habits is that there isn’t always an immediate reward. With unhealthy habits, like smoking for instance, you get a rush from the nicotine – the “reward”. He suggests that you reward yourself with something small after doing something healthy, like adding a dollar to a reward jar every time you complete a workout! 

James Clear, creator of Habits Academy, has compiled 5 tips to successfully create a habit. 

  1. Make it small! If you are trying to be more active, start with a jog every day not an unattainable 15-mile run.
  2. Think big picture! One jog a day, times 365 days is a huge accomplishment! 
  3. Chunk your habits! If you want to eat healthily, start by eating a healthy breakfast, then gradually add lunch, then dinner. This way you will be more successful and won’t get discouraged.
  4. The rule of 2! Things happen! You might miss a day, but the rule is only let yourself skip 1 day at a time. Skipping 2 days will put you off track and make it easier to slip back into unhealthy habits.
  5. Be patient! Making a habit does not mean instant change, but it does mean you are setting yourself up for success in the long run! 
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