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Leaving your Finger Print in your Community


Leaving your Finger Print on your community


A few weeks ago one of our pastors preached about leaving a Finger Print in your community!  This message is still ALIVE on my heart. It was from Luke 14:7-14.  One thing I have applied in my life is that when I hear a sermon or message I try to implement  what I heard into my daily LIVE.  And I remember these men who are sharing this news are humans just like myself. (not perfect, a sinner used by God to share his word)  So as Christian it is my job to seek GOD for TRUE direction and guidance.  (So I go back to the bible myself)   I usually ask God a few questions,  how does this apply to me, how can I change my own heart and be closer to you, and what are you asking ME to do Lord to serve others?

I want to encourage you as well and give you a few suggestions about areas you may leave a finger print in your community or in the world.  Some of these things we do as family and others are gifts that I don’t have but think are a great way to get involved.  If you have others you want to share, then please do under the comments.  The more positive things we can surround ourselves with, the BETTER the world can BE.
  1.  Taking care of the poor.  We sponsor kids from Compassional International  ( we have three amazing kids that we get to see and hear them grow emotional, medical needs, educational and spiritual). Our Ethiopian Sponsored kids are our FAMILY.    Homeless shelter, Springs Rescue Missions, Street Church, Blessing Bags for the homeless (we keep some in our car all the time)
  1. Make a Meal or any type of food and take to a neighbor, a family that is in need, or a JUST BECAUSE gift….. (those are the Best)
  1. Theme Nights for your neighborhood – TACO TUESDAY, you know this is something that is dear to my heart. We have been doing this ministry for over 8 years now.  Every Tuesday (that we are in town during the summer) we have neighbors and friends come over for dinner.  They bring their own meat for their family and a side dish to share.  That simple.. Great fellowship. (and my KIDS LOVE IT and learn how to live life with others from your front porch)    In the winter we do CROCK POT FELLOWSHIP on Thursday nights.  Every one brings a crock pot dish to share. That simple!!
  1.  Find an organization to invest in our youth and students.   Young Life is a great organization that serves in most communities.  FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) almost every school will have this organization.  This was something I was involved in when I was in High School (Class of 1989)!  And they are still around TODAY.
  1. Find friends that have a GIFT that may not be one of yours but you NEED and you are able to benefit from.  For example,  I have a friend that started a Frugal Habits Facebook group  and shares tips of all kinds for families to save money, learn about ways to invest and  grow financial!!  It doesn’t matter how much money you make, being a good steward with what God has given you, is the BEST way to LIVE.  This group has changed my life so much.  It has Opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about MONEY.  ( and who it belongs too… GOD owns everything and he can give us amazing blessings or take them away for poor managing His things)   And let me share with  you, Money is talked about in the bible more than any other topic. So Jesus knew that would be a big deal in our own lives today.   Money is not evil, it how we use money that can be evil or a blessing.  When you know the difference there  is FREEDOM.  An area where we are learning from way to many mistakes.
  1. Find an Accountability partner.  I have all different types of women in my LIFE that support and give me Godly advice when I need them.  Honestly, this is one area that is NON-Negiotable.  My friends, we all need accountability partners.  Different types of accountability partners and mentor  can be:  Prayer partner,  Financial partner, Fitness and Nutrition coach, Marriage counselor,  If you are a Believer, someone that can call you out if you are not walking in the direction that is Glorify to God.  Someone that is older that can give you guidance on parenting.  These people are definitely leaving a finger print in my own Life (which is helping to change the world).
  1. Find a GIFT that God has given YOU and USE it for others.  Meal planning and prep for others is one gift that God has giving me and I love helping others.  Taking a few hours each week to sit down and really plan out your week is huge on how successful your week can go.
Believe me, my life is on a huge roller coaster right now that is extremely bumpy.  So I have TWO choices >>
  1. FACE them and allow God to lead and trust his directions and continue to do what He has called me to DO.  Which is to serve others and pray that I leave some positive type of finger prints on my own kids, in my community  and with others in the world.  OR
  2. Say the heck with it, and take things in my own hands and live by my own rules and see how it plays out.
Well, #2 is not an option for ME and I pray it is not an option for you either.   God is only person that can get us through this journey here on earth.  He has created each of us with a plan and purpose.  He uses people as vessels to minister and encourage one another.  Be that LIGHT and VESSEL for yourself, your family and for others.
If you want to check out my LIVE chat about  these suggestions,  CLICK for the LINK
Love you my friends,
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LIFE, owning you or you owning life?

Are you Owning your LIFE or is LIFE Owning YOU?


As a busy mom, some days I really have to think about that question.  Is a Life of busyness taking over from what God really has intended for my life?  This may be a better question for me to ask myself daily as I take a few minutes to review my schedule.
☀️Own it >> it starts in my marriage.  I like this quote from “Sacred Marriage” by Gary Thomas, “If there is one thing engaged couples need to hear, it’s that a good marriage is not something you find, it’s something you work for.” Believe me, marriage is ACTION. The key is that I have to change my view of marriage and take responsibility of my own actions working towards healing and restoring my part of the marriage. It’s 100%/100%!

☀️Own it >> it starts with taking care of myself, physically and spiritually. My actions are created by my choices. My childhood, my past mistakes, and my failures will not define who I am becoming in God’s eyes. No one can change me, or make me do certain things, It’s only ME with God’s grace and His voice speaking truth to me daily about changing my own heart. I have to get off my bum bum and do the hard work that requires ACTION and reap the rewards.

☀️Own it >> it starts with God giving me the role as the mom to THREE children. As a mom, I do make mistakes, I will never be the perfect parent, but by darn I will #ownit and try my darnedest to seek Godly guidance and support from others to parent my IPC’s.

☀️Own it >> it starts with leading my team and building a legacy for my family and for generations to come. As a CEO, the responsibility comes from within, leadership, growth, expansion and financial freedom. I have to #ownit Be strong, be faithful and take courage to RISE to the challenge. It takes hard work, but the blessings far exceed the work.


God is so good to give each us passions, desires, visions, and dreams to live a life that can be about glorifying Him.  


So today, I take responsibility for my #OWN actions.. and learn that THRIVING is much more exciting than SURVIVING.  

How about you?  


“I’m just too busy.  I am literally on the go from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.  There is just no time for me.”  


If this statement is true about you then it’s time to make a change.  You can’t continue through life without making time for yourself!  We all need it.  Schedule it!  It’s okay to put time on your “busy” calendar for yourself.  These times must be non-negotiable.  If you don’t take some time to pour back into yourself then you will become exhausted, frustrated, irritable and depressed.

Don’t allow time to get the best of YOU!  You time is about getting yourself healthy so that you can be the best that God has intended you to be!

It will not be easy to change, so try not to beat yourself up while you begin interjecting your schedule with YOU time.  Give yourself grace!


If you can only find fifteen minutes for yourself that’s okay because that’s fifteen minutes more than you had yesterday.  The important thing is to find SOME time to invest back into yourself that will help you to live a healthier life.  You may have to get creative for finding time.  Maybe you need to talk to a friend about carpooling to football practice so you can have a half hour to yourself.  It may mean that you have to set the alarm for 30 minutes earlier.  (Understand, this statement is coming from a girl who has spent the last 40 plus years as a night owl and getting up early is a struggle!)  So, believe me when I say, you can do this!  Sacrificing a favor or sleep will get you going towards improving yourself.  Becoming a better and healthier you is totally worth it.

I can honestly tell you that when you begin finding time to give to yourself that eventually it will not be a struggle to find the time.  You will have more energy, clearer thinking and less stress.

Consistency is key to establishing a new pattern and a new way of thinking.  Time…#ownit!
Untitled design

What am I asking of you?  I am offering to help you with your YOU TIME!  I know it can be confusing trying to figure out how to start investing in yourself.  It’s all about choices.  You have chosen to find the time so let’s look at ways that you can begin making better choices about your health and fitness journey.  First, nutrition.  Changing your eating habits is the best way to begin.  Together, we can establish meal plans that will be nutritious and will provide you with what your body needs to be fueled appropriately.  Next, fitness.  We all need exercise.  Our bodies are designed to be active.  There are many different programs and I’m confident we will find one that is just the right one for you.  It’s all about making an investment for you and your family!  Nutrition and Fitness…#ownit!

Be aware, we have to integrate change with the natural rhythm of our lives.  By you making the choice that “YOU TIME” will be a part of that natural rhythm of your life.


Time to Recharge, Regroup and THRIVE,  Just a start!






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What is your WHY?

Find your WHY in Life!


Hi everyone,  I’m Shanna-a wife, mom of three kids and the business owner of Shanna Corum Body & Soul.  I run an online faith and fitness company from my home.  We live in beautiful Colorado where it snows in April and in May!  Crazy I know.  However, I was born and raised in Texas, which will always have a special place in my heart.


Motivate >> the definition of “motivate” – to provide with a motive or motives, incite.    What are your motives?


I want to share with you a few tips that I have learned through my journey on how to stay motivated with my overall physical and spiritually fit journey.


First my power source.  I like to recharge and restore my mind, body, and soul with Jesus Christ.  He is by far the number one person because he is seated at the right hand of God.  He is my Life by Design.  He is my creator and I am His Masterpiece…a work of art created by Him.  He is praying for me and for you and wants us to achieve great things in life.


So with that, I’m daily in God’s word.  This is my number one motive.  For me, diving into His word daily, reading scripture or asking the spirit to reveal His message to me is why I’m able to apply the truth in my life. For you, it may be the same or maybe different.  You might like worship songs, listening to the Bible online, memorizing verses, or just having prayer time when you are in the car driving.


My second motive is to live a long and healthier life.

What is my why? You probably read that statement before, what is your WHY?  When I speak with my team and with my challengers we talk constantly about our whys?  We are motivated to succeed by our whys.


Why do we want to become physically fit?

Why do we want to start this fitness journey?

Why do you want to have more energy to do the things that you desire?


You will understand more about me if I share a little about my background with you.  I have been been fairly thin for most of my life, except when I was pregnant with my three kids.  Yes, I gained 40 pounds with all three of them…And I have the pictures to prove it!


The short version is that I ate what I wanted and when I wanted with very little exercise.   I filled my body up with too much junk food,  too many diet sodas, too much alcohol and surrounded myself in an unhealthy environment.  I became a vegetarian when I was 19 years old and yes vegetarians can be unhealthy too! This caused me to my have several tummy issues.


Fast forward to four years ago.  I had to make a mindful decision to change my lifestyle. I had three kids who were seeing me make poor food decisions and they were beginning to pick up some of my bad habits.  A habit I didn’t have was exercise.  I like to hike I would walk but I wasn’t doing any consistent physical activity.  I have a son who has the same metabolism as I have and I needed to understand proper nutrition in order to help him become stronger.


These areas became the foundation of my why.  Why do I want to become physically and more spiritually fit?  


It became a realization to me that in order for me to change properly I would have to do it from the inside out.  I began by looking at my body differently.  I use this scripture from 1 Corinthians 6:19.  “Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in and was given to you by God?  You do not belong to yourself.”  This verse is what helped me to start my journey. I was convicted of how poorly I was treating my body, the temple of the Holy Spirit who dwells within me.

I had to change the pattern of my thinking and look at food, nutrition, and physical activity with fresh new eyes!


The second part of my “Why”  is that I want to add more years to my life.   I come from a family that has history of cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis.  In January of 2015 I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my lower back.  Right there that was a game changer for me and I knew I had to adjust my why.  I discovered that I could reverse this diagnosis with weight training, proper nutrition, and daily exercise!   This is not a choice for me, this is a necessity.


Third, I want to be able to serve others, like my family,  my husband, my kids, and others that I minister to with joy, excitement and energy!   This is my life!  The struggle is real.


In order for me to fulfill the things that I have planned and bring purpose to my life, I have to stay motivated or I will not be able to accomplish these goals.    


Every day I wake up with a choice.  I could choose to fill my mind with positive energetic productivity or with negativity, excuses, self pity and a poor attitude!    We get to Choose the outcome. It is not about others, it is about me taking responsibility of my own ACTIONS.  People upset me, or can drive me CRaZY,  because I have allowed them the power to do so.. I have the power to stop those actions or thoughts that may come in my mind.

Psalm 84:11 “For the LORD God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The LORD will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.”


Let me just tell you the second choice isn’t an option for me and it shouldn’t be an option for you. God did not give us life here on earth for a negative outcome!  Our life has a purpose and a meaning that MATTERS!   


When you feel frustrated or the enemy tries to attack your mind with doubt or fear >> GO back and take a look of your WHY?  Why you started this journey God has you on. Why you want you to make a difference with your HEALTH.  Why you want to be able to serve others more.  Why you want to LIVE, happier, with more JOY than ever before!!!   


Those answers will Keep you MOTIVATED!  THOSE WHY’S WILL KEEP YOU FOCUSED EACH AND EVERYDAY!  And yes, as we grow in this journey, your seasons will change. Your Why may change slightly swift  in some areas, so I do challenge you to write out your Why’s at the beginning of each month as well as your goals for that month.  Your goals can be physical, spiritual, or financial.  


One more thing to share.  Your life will not and doesn’t have to be perfect. Everything does not have to be in place to start your health journey.  Things do not have to be great everyday.  Your children will not be perfect in all areas.  This is coming from experience, 4 years ago, I did not have the knowledge and the power I have now.  Several months ago, my family was faced with a huge crisis and now my kids are learning from our mistakes and their mistakes everyday.  And I still do these same steps on finding my Why and writing out my goals for the month.


So let’s agree right now, that perfection is not realistic or even an option…Remove that expectation now and let’s  LIVE with more consistency and with more motivation in our lives.   


As the sun rises each day,  I go back to my power source, the daily word of God! The truth will set you free!  Speak truth in your mind and remember your WHY’s!  


Psalm 113:3  “From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the LORD is to be praised.”


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Speak Truth, Stand against the Enemy


For years I have never attended Tuesday morning bible study because I was working with Ralph Lauren. So I was drawn to amazing women on Wednesday evenings, my kids would go to Awana’s and I would attend bible study. 
Fast forward to now, my sweet friend Sonya sent me the book study called Armor of God in December. At the time I was not emotionally ready to even open the book. Through conversations with another dear friend JayKimberly Hartwell, mentioned that I should join Mom’s and Beyond in January to do a study called Armor of God with Pricilla Shirer. (which I already owned the book) However, I was not emotionally ready to be with other women-sharing my heart, crying more or to be vulnerable with others. Kimberly, shared that my mentor mom would be Gayle Perkins Shaum (Gayle and I have been friends since 1999 .. my very first bible study was with her and Louise.  Gayle’s husband and I were on a pastor search committee and he helped me walk through a tough situation involving a babysitter we hired to care for our children who went off the deep end with us.  Then Gayle popped back in my life a little over a year ago and interceded by praying for Isabella to get accepted into her new High school.  And now, Gayle is back in my life dealing with another crisis with our family as my mentor mom!) 
Seriously Lord, you have such a sense of humor with all the different women you have placed, just at the right time when I needed them most, in my life to be used to Glorify your plan and your purpose for my life. I am still BLOWN away by your GRACE and LOVE!!  
So, today we finished the book study (which i still have plenty of blank pages that need to be filled in with answers).  And, these women, that I did not want share with, the pain I am going through embraced me with Love and more GRACE then I deserve.
In this study…short version!!  The enemy is real,  the devil is real, and he is out to destroy my marriage, my parenting skills, my three IPCs, my family, our finances, my passions and my life!   With that battle being alive and living among us, how can I survive?
One answer, JESUS, our heavenly father, and a whole bunch of resources, amazing people and tools to show me that we, as Christians can stand up with our swords and FIGHT BACK WITH OUR ARMOR OF GOD.
And for ME, what has finally clicked is that through the struggles and difficult times I have believed so many lies from the enemy that has given me doubt, shame, guilt, fear and a lack of self confidence in many roles of my life.  AND, with God’s wisdom he provided ladies in my small group, but especially Gayle, to STOP ME IN MY OWN WORDS as I was sharing, that it was a LIE I was believing right then.
WOW…that hit me hard but also gave me FREEDOM and Release in my heart that the enemy could no longer control.  When you have scripture that backs up with TRUTH, then the enemy can not control those thoughts over us.
Lie-  I will always feel this way.
Truth-  I am confident that the good work that God has begun in me will be perfected.
Philippians 1:6
“being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
Lie- I am undesirable.
Truth- I am the sweet fragrance of Christ to God.
2 Corinthians 2:15
“For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.”
We have options to change and retrain our thinking that lines up with the truth of JESUS. Your pattern of thinking can be changed which in return can allow you to LIVE more abundantly with love, forgiveness, grace, honor, respect, compassion, and more love.
(speaking to the choir…I must change my own pattern of thinking in order to restore my marriage, heal my heart and parent my children.)
Bottom line of my sharing this story with you my friends.  God places people in our lives for a plan and purpose.  I pray that you are open to hear the truth from God and a few of those people that are walking along side of you in difficult times and the times that you are celebrating and singing praises to his ears.  (I am thankful for every woman that God has used to minister, inspire, instruct, and encourage me. (even the moments that hurt but needed to be said with Love).
Be mindful of your thoughts and do not let the enemy get a strong hold on your weaknesses.  Stand firm in knowing who you are in Christ, if you are a believer of Jesus as your personal salvation.  We will have eternity in heaven forever.
One of my many quotes from this study.  #ArmorOfGodStudy
What the brain is to the body, the MIND is to the SOUL.
There is Hope  … #mindbodyandsoul
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Turning the Page

New CHAPTER New BeginningsMove forward to New Place.. Hope and Believe

A New Chapter


Do you read novels?  Have you ever been reading a book and the story has turned dark or tragic and you just can’t wait to get to the next chapter, hoping for an outcome of happiness and joy?  Our lives are a novel.  We are all part of a story.  Most of us have gone through dark or tragic times and we look forward to turning the page to a new chapter.  We must remember when we are in the darkness God is with us.


Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Prov. 3:5&6


The word “trust” is a key word in this Proverb.  Rebuilding trust can be a challenge in itself.  Turning towards our savior and trusting in HIM, with all of our heart, is truly the most important thing to remember in times of struggle.  We know for sure that HE will never let us down and that HE is always there for us.  Knowing and believing are what separates us from our spiritual walk.  We “know” because we believe but when we are in the depths of darkness “believing” is the struggle.  But, in our story, there is JESUS.  HE longs for a relationship with us, especially when we are struggling.  HE desires to comfort us.  HE wants us to know that HE is walking with us through every journey in our lives…the good times and the bad times.  HE is part of every chapter of our novel.


The seasons of the year are reminders that we all go through seasons in life.  Each of our chapters is a new season.  They represent times for growth and rebirth.  We are about to turn the page into a new season.  Spring.  The whole idea of what the season of spring represents is truly about HOPE.  We know that we will see many changes as spring approaches.  Trees will begin to bud and leaves will sprout.  Flowers will break through the soil and the grass will start to turn green.  The temperatures will warm and again life will be present and abundant outdoors.


This is also the season of Easter.  The resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He came to earth for us.  He entered a world full of sin and darkness.  He was present among us.  He taught us that He was the way, the truth and the light.  He asked us to follow Him.  He was hung on a cross.  He was beaten.  His blood was shed.  He died.  We are forgiven.  He was resurrected.  He is alive.  We have the hope of living eternally with Him.


Celebrate the hope you have in Jesus as you enter the next chapter of your life today.  Be blessed this Easter season.  Welcome a new beginning with gratitude and joy for we are children of the Creator and the Redeemer.  Allow your light to shine.


The end of this chapter is the beginning of the next one…


Disclaimer:  This blog was written by my husband, Tim, who has been experiencing one of life’s challenges.