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The Ultimate Reset, Time to Focus



The Ultimate Reset


You know what always amazes me?  How quickly the days on the calendar pass by.  We are already near to the end of February.  So far 2017 has brought us challenges and successes.  If you remember, my word for the year is FOCUS!  This truly is the word for me.  I find that there are things that try and pull my attention away from my goals and my opportunities.  And, as a mom and a wife, sometimes my focus turns to caring for my family which certainly takes priority of most anything else that is on my agenda.  Right now there are situations with my family that are requiring a lot of my attention.  That just means that the FOCUS I put on my goals and opportunities becomes much more important.


I am finding that we can never get too comfortable.  When we allow routine to become our lifestyle we miss out on what our calling may be.  One of my prayers must be allowing God to make sure that I don’t get too comfortable or too content.  I need to be challenged and so does my family.  So this prayer is not just for me but for my family as well.  That doesn’t mean that I want God to create constant upheaval in our household because that is certainly not the case.  I want peace but I also want God to be active in my life and in the lives of each of my family members.  God has a plan and His plan is GOOD.  We may not always recognize it, but it is so true.  




God works on each of us differently.  He is constantly molding us to become just the person who He desires us to be.  But, we have responsibility to continue seeking His will and guidance.  Sometimes we need to reset.  When we have become too comfortable or too content, it’s time to FOCUS our attention back on our creator.  God has a way of getting our attention.  We must recognize when He is calling.  My husband is currently going thru a reset.  God has his full attention.  A reset will look differently for each us.  I do believe a reset involves your mind, body and spirit.  


I am a true believer in counseling.  And, it doesn’t matter how well you are or how healthy, counseling can provide you with clarity.  A good listener will help you process through issues and problems you are facing as well as give you guidance even when your life is in order and prosperous.  Our minds are very complicated and it’s okay to seek help from a professional who will help you sort out all of the stuff that may have you feeling clouded.


Our bodies are given to us care for while we are here on earth.  There are so many temptations when it comes to making food choices.  Even the healthiest of people may struggle with eating appropriately.  Your physical well being contributes to your overall health so it’s important to eat right and maintain an exercise regime that will keep your body in good shape.  


Leaning in close to God, especially during a time when you are going through a reset, will provide you an opportunity to be led toward God’s desires for your life.  Taking time to FOCUS on your relationship with Jesus through study of His word, worship and prayer is important everyday, but even more important while resetting.  


I want to challenge each of you to take a good look at your lives.  Are you FOCUSed on achieving your goals and dreams?  Are you in tune with your relationship with Jesus Christ?  Do you find yourself feeling too comfortable and too content?  Are you living up to your full potential?  Now is the time to take inventory of what’s going on in your mind, how your body is feeling and how your spirit is leading you.  Spring is a time for rebirth and it may be a time to reset.


Beachbody offers an incredible 21 day program to help you improve your energy, lose weight and get back on track to better health.  The Ultimate Reset can help you gently restore your body to its optimal “factory settings”, to help you feel energized, enjoy better digestion, lose weight, and reclaim your overall health.  As part of his reset process, my husband Tim, will be starting the Beachbody Ultimate Reset program on March 1st, to complete just in time for the arrival of spring!  Would you consider joining Tim for this challenge?  It’s been 4 years since Tim last completed this program and let me tell you the results were astounding!  And, Tim felt great and refreshed after 21 days.  I know you will too!  I will help you get started and the Ultimate Reset comes with everything you need to complete this refresh successfully.

 If you need accountability and support you will have it.  Spring will be here in 25 days!  Jump on this opportunity now.



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