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Taxi MOM



Taxi MOMs>>>> moms that spend a portion of their day, driving their kids to and from place all over TOWN.  Constantly on alert and ready to GO.  Our minds are open to hear what comes out of their mouths during the driving time.  Nothing can ever surprise you because kids say the funniest things and  sometimes without any filters.  And taxi moms are a FREE service to use!!

Let’s GIVE a HUGE SHOUT OUT to all of the TAXI MOMS we have doing the same thing over and over.  Driving, stopping, picking up more kids, back home, oh I forget this, back in the car, off to this event and that.  The wheels on the car go round and round!! Blah blah….. ??

This is a tough job but as a MOM it can be very rewarding.  My kids love to share and let it all out while we are in the car. And when all three of my IPC’s  are together, well sometimes it’s nice, fun and games  and others it’s  WW III..  (all kinds of yelling ??and craziness  can happen, no judging, we are all a work in progress)

Just today, my ILLY said, “Mom, am I talking too much”?

She started talking once we left school and did not stop until we got home.

Mom, “NO, Illy you are not talking to much.”  hahaha

Then I have Bella who is in the car with me in this picture.  We have the longest drive together on school days.  She may be quiet at home but some days when we get in the car, the flood gates open up about High School Stories!!  #priceless

These years are going by so  fast. I am grateful that I’am able to add TAXI MOM to my resume!  When they were younger that was not the case.  I am blessed to have other moms, nanny’s and friends to step up when I could not be there.

High FIVE  to Taxi Moms!!  Are you a Taxi MOM, too?



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The Meaning, Team Body & Soul


IMG_7293 2


Ok, I’m a little thrilled at the moment. I got SUPER emotional seeing this tank top for the first time yesterday. Y’all have been so incredibly kind and supported to me on this coaching journey. Especially celebrating my 4 year anniversary with Beachbody this month. I can’t thank you enough. Can I share this cool moment with you?

Team Body & Soul was formed out of a desire to help others truly understand that they are God’s masterpiece. Our body is a temple of God, given to us to care for here on earth. (I Corinthians 6:19). We are his masterpiece, a priceless work of art created to do amazing things. (Espesians 2:10) 

The Heart represents the foundation of Christ being my centered. Without Him, I would not be where I am today. Everything I do flows from my heart. (the good, the bad & the ugly) Keeping it real.

The Bar Bell represents the foundation of Strength in a symbol of a Cross. The Cross is what gives me eternity in heaven, his love, grace and forgiveness. I will never be perfect but with His strength I am able to LIVE freely for others.

Body & Soul, these two go hand and hand which forms complete physical and spiritual strength. For me, taking care of my body allows me to serve others with my JOY, renewing our mind, body & soul. It’s transforming from the inside out. And for me to become the woman God desired I had to change myself first!

I added this tag line below a few years ago.
Be Bold, Be Real, Be You.
One thing I have learned through my walk with Christ is to Be Bold in what I believe and speak truth with LOVE. Be Real to yourself and to others. Be You, God only created one of YOU. You are special, unique and created with a plan and purpose for your life. So Be YOU!!

All of these areas are my passions that God has given to me to help others find for themselves. Strength from within and Renewal of our mind to change our hearts. Wow….

Sharing this and seeing our team logo on something other than a graphic image…well, you might say there were tears of ‪#‎purejoy‬ ( and maybe a cheer jump or two)

Stronger Together,


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What's your Money Personality?

foodies' appendix

The Corum Crew …. is always learning and changing!  Not only do I want to teach my kids about Jesus, nutrition, and being active, but, also about making wise choices about MONEY!  This is one area that I personally needed to seek out experts for guidance.  First, in God’s word He talks about money over 2300 times, more than Heaven and Hell, and more than love.  Money is obviously a big deal to God. You may have heard others say money is the root of all evil.  That is incorrect.  The actual verse in 1 Timothy 6:10 is “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.  Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” (NIV)  There’s a difference between responsibility of money and the love of money.  The “love is money” >> Love in this concept comes from the Greek word “Phileo”, which means it’s the type of love that comes from your soul, a “fondness” for someone or something.  When we put money over a relationship that becomes the root of evil.  So diving into God’s word is the first place I would suggest we turn too.  


I have found that Dave Ramsey is a great resource for giving good advice and direction regarding money matters.


Last week, Tim and I, attended a parent connection seminar about teaching our children about MONEY.  Scott and Bethany Palmer have written several books about finances.  They are known as the Money Couple.  


You can check out the Scott and Bethany Palmer  BOOKS Here.  You can also search your local library for copies of their books as well. (that’s FREE)


Here are a few tips that we learned from this seminar!  As parents, Tim and I, have made many of these mistakes.  We are not perfect and it is never too late to start sharing conversations with your children about the biblical principles of MONEY.


7 Money mistakes that Parents often make or have made already.

Mistake #1

Parents don’t accept their children’s GOD given money mind.  


Why is it that we raise our children in the same home and they all learn different styles on how to spend money?  Our children are born with a “money mind”.  Either we accept their feelings about spending and learn how to help them with money decisions or we butt heads with them.  By not allowing them to express their own ideas and thoughts will lead to poor decisions that could affect their spending future.


Mistake #2

Parents don’t have money conversations with their kids.

Have intentional conversations with your children about money!   Some of my favorite times to discuss money are spur of the moment like while we are out shopping or driving in the car.


Here are some great questions we can ask our kiddos.

  *Ages 5-12  What is the value of $$$?  What do you think money?  When you take the mystery out of money, there are no surprises.

  *Ages 13-17 Why is money important?  Why is having a good job important?  Are your perspectives inline with your Passions?

  *Age 18+  What plans do you have for your future?  What is your plan for financial independence? How will you provide for your family?  For our daughters:   If you desire to be a stay at home mom, what does that look like for you without an additional income?


Mistake #3

Parents don’t set money expectations with their children.

“No Stuff Stops”  This is a good one! How many times do we go into a store and your children say, “I want this?”  “Mom, can I have this?”  “Mom, this shirt is on sale?”  “Mom, look how cute these shoes are, I need these.”   By setting expectations with the appropriate ages, these questions will minimize and eventually will be removed if you set an expectation with your kids that when you are out shopping that you will be making “No Stuff Stops”, which means you are only picking up exactly what is on your list and nothing else.  It’s important that you stick to this guideline as well to set the example for your children.  There will be times that you will be shopping and the “No Stuff Stop” rule will not apply, allowing your children the opportunity to spontaneously pick up an item they want, with limitations of course.


3 C’s of Expectations-  these in our family are a MUST!  Set the guidelines with these items way in advance so your children will understand your expectations before there is an issue.

*Cell Phone – our children will pay for part of the data plan, if they choose to have a smart phone.

*Cars –  we will match our children’s savings with a set limit.

*College – this expectation is still in negotiation in our home!  Our children know that college is expensive and there are no FREE rides.


Mistake #4

Parents fight about money in front of the their children.

70% of all divorces are over MONEY.  That is way too high, so let’s fight for our marriages and end this trend and figure this area out.

Find a CODE WORD for you and your spouse. “I totally get you, let’s table this for now!!”  (suggested CODE WORDs)   Then you and your spouse can remove yourself from in front of your kids and discuss the topic without them being involved and feeling uncomfortable.


Mistake #5

Parents project their money successes and failures on their children.

Your children shouldn’t know all about your money, good or bad.  It is okay to share appropriate information during times of struggle, when money is “tight” so your children know that as family you may not be able to afford certain things.  You never want to give your children an opportunity to worry about your financial issues.  However, our failures with money  can lead to our kids witnessing our greatest strengths, depending on how we are able to handle the situation.      


Mistake #6

Parents think they can’t Veto their kids money decision.

By setting expectations and speaking your kids money language it will help them make smarter decisions. And sometimes, we have to allow our children to fail and help them learn from their mistakes.


Mistake #7

Parents don’t teach their children about credit and investment.

Credit Cards– there are some benefits to having them. But this is one area that can get you into some serious financial crisis if they are not managed with guidance.

  *Age 5-10  A fun exercise to explain the concept to small children is by using candy. Lay out 10 candy bars on the table.  Tell your child they can buy the 10 bars on “credit”.  Immediately take back 2 of the bars.  When your child wants to know why you did this, explain that Mr. Visa charges fees and interest with his credit card.  When you don’t have the cash up front to pay for something you want it will cost you more in the long run.  It’s better to save up the money you need for the things you want.

  *Age 12-17  Set examples for your older kids.  Their minds are more prepared to understand this concept.  They see how you handle credit so make sure you are making the right decisions when pulling out the card in front of them.  Also, when you feel it’s appropriate for your child, open a credit card up for them and make them solely responsible for it.  It’s better for you to help them manage the card while they are at home with you.  If your child has not learned the concept of credit under your roof then they may make poor decisions in the future when you are not there to give guidance.


Learn your child’s MONEY Personalities and Speak their Language with them.


Here are the 5 that Scott and Bethany shared with us.


  1. Saver – These kids don’t want to let go of anything or spend their money. They may even question you on spending money.
  2. Spender – These kids love to spend their money on themselves and love giving gifts to others.
  3. Risk Taker – These kids are very adventurous in their life and they just do things differently. They will also take risks when spending their money.
  4. Security Seeker – These kids want a plan of action, they will worry about a test, worry if they will have enough money, worry about things in general.
  5. Flyer – These kids fly by the seat of their pants. They go with the flow and are encouraged with more friends around.  They tend to spend without thinking about the purchase in advance.


(Note:  We list these Money Personalities regarding kids, but as adults we have the same Money Personalities)


There is not a right way or wrong way with any of these language, they are just different.  God gave each of us a primary and a secondary money language.


Corum CREW — MONEY Personalities


Tim –        Spender and Security Seeker

Shanna-  Security Seeker and Spender

Isabella-  Spender and Security Seeker

Isaiah –    Risk Taker and Flyer

Illianna-   Spender and Flyer


I pray that a few of these TIPS will help you as a parent in guiding your finances and making a huge impact with your children.  I know I am always learning.  God is constantly working on my heart  and I am trying my best to improve as a WIFE and a MOM.   Parenting can be very hard at times but also it can be the most rewarding gift in our lives.   “For where your treasure is, your heart will also be.”  Matthew 6:21.  Life skills all start from the heart.  Anything we do in life begins with the HEART.  Seek God with our whole heart to help us transform our lives to reflect more of HIM.



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Find your TRIBE, New Coaches


Reflecting on the fact that this year, year three of a new business, I’m in the best shape ever, helping people and fulfilling my passion!

And yes, I still keep my family as my first priority. How the heck does that work? Work hard for what you LOVE. When your WHY is huge and you chase it daily, you get to enjoy it, savor it and love it to pieces. When you career and passions comes together it is a beautiful thing.

Passion results in freedom, financially, spiritually GROWTH for me and my family. How can I not share this with others. 

God has done and continues to do a work in me and I KNOW His blessings are more than I can imagine. If I’m already speechless then what the heck is in store and why aren’t you chasing your WHY with me?

Seriously. I’m taking on NEW coaches in January, and a fresh start that will change your life is a great idea. I’ll be personally mentoring each new coach and working with them to establish goals and a strong WHY. Message me if you’ve been watching from the sidelines and of you, like me, were looking for “something” that would help your family and help you stay accountable with your own heath and fitness goals. Message me or shoot me an below. Only serious inquiries.

Email —

Subject— Find your TRIBE

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Holidays on a Budget


What’s Happening with the Corum Crew
Celebrating the Holidays on a Budget!
Take the stress out of January! The beginning of a new year should truly be about a new beginning. However, as consumers, we can look forward to the credit card bills rolling in about the middle of January. What a great reminder of how much money we spent during the holidays! Why not take this holiday season to make a change? Consumerism has truly taken over what should be a season of reflection and family togetherness. We live in an environment controlled by the stuff “we must have”. But, ask yourself tough questions, like “Why MUST I have that?” or “I already have several of these, why do I need more?” or “Do I really need that?” or “What is THAT truly going to do for me?” or “Am I even going to use this?” You will probably discover that the answer to most of these questions is “no I really don’t need it or I probably won’t even use it”. A better question to ask yourself is, “Is it really worth getting into further debt just to have stuff I truly don’t need?” Most of us can look around our homes and see things that we bought that we thought were going to be GREAT and things that were going to make life EASIER. But, in reality they are just things that are probably collecting dust.
It’s not too late to assess your holiday budget and take time to reflect on what is important and how you can make some changes this season that will make life better in the New Year for you and your loved ones. As a family, this holiday season is going to look a lot different from one’s past for the Corum Crew. We recognize that we have gone overboard every year since our children were born. We also know that if we don’t start making changes now then the expectations of our children are going to grow each and every year. Following are just a few tips that may help us and you establish a plan for a delightful and less stressful holiday season.

1.  Set a firm budget. Decide exactly how much CASH (yes cash…credit cards should not be an option!) you have available to spend for the month of December. You have to include everything from your mortgage, your utilities, your gas and your groceries, and any other monthly expenses you normally have. And, this would also include any credit card payments you will have to make as well. You may have to look at previous months to determine what your average spend is for each of these. The cash you have left over is all you have to spend on Christmas gifts.

2.  Make a list of the loved ones who you MUST buy for. You may find that that you cannot afford to buy for everyone on your list. It may be time to have a family conference call to say you are making a change this year. I think you will find others in your family who agree that a change is necessary.

3.  Talk to your kids. Be honest and up front with your children. You might even have to explain that you have made mistakes in the past and you want to show them now, before it’s too late, what the true meaning of Christmas is.

4.  Celebrate advent with your family. We began this a couple of years ago. We have a book that we follow along each evening during the advent season. This includes activities and meal suggestions. But, the best thing about celebrating advent is doing it with your family!

5.  Simplify! Most of us are guilty of having too much or overdoing it! I have 2 thoughts here that I would like to share in regards to simplifying:
*Sell your abundance. We all have stuff that we don’t use anymore! It may be clothing, accessories or things around the house that we simply don’t need. There are great avenues to sell things that someone else may have a need for. We recently sold some clothing on EBay and made several hundred dollars!
            * Pass it on. We have a crawl space in our basement that is half full of Christmas decorations! We are talking more Rubbermade totes than you will find on sale the day after Christmas at Walmart! Yes, we love to decorate for Christmas but at some point it’s time to say enough is enough! We have to go through the totes and save the items that mean the most and give-a-way the rest…or even sell them!

6.  Find a part-time seasonal job. If you are still coming up short, then you may want to find a seasonal position somewhere to earn some extra money for the holidays. There are plenty of retailers hiring this time of year. But, you may not be able to work outside of your home. If you need extra income, then you may consider joining my team!  You will be your own boss, have the potential of earning as much money as you desire based on the efforts you put in to it and the best part is you will hold yourself accountable for your own fitness goals during the most difficult time of the year to do so!

7.   Plan your meals. The most important thing here is to stay home! Eat in! Not only will you save money but you will eat healthier and cleaner. Keep your meal planning simple by creating a repetitive menu of meals that your family enjoys. Sitting around the table together as a family is the perfect time to reflect on your day, the season and the year. Talk about past Christmas memories and establish new traditions.

8.  Be creative. Most of us believe that we don’t have a creative bone in our bodies. However, there are lots of resources, like Pinterest, that have great ideas for low cost gift ideas that you can make yourself…or your children can make for others. The most meaningful gifts are usually those that are made by the hands of loved ones.

9.  10.  Forget the hustle and bustle. It’s busy everywhere and every hour of the day during the holidays. Getting out in the thick of this only creates stress and exhaustion. Again, family time will be more memorable and enjoyable. Think of ways you can enjoy spending time together as a family without having to fight crowds and traffic. Our family loves to drive around our neighborhood and look at Christmas lights. A couple of years ago, we began a new tradition of making homemade ornaments and leaving them with the families of whose homes we enjoy looking at the most. Our kids love to do this. Also, family game time, watching Hallmark Christmas movies, and baking cookies together are favorite activities of ours during the season.

10.  Don’t forget the reason for the season. We celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! If we keep ourselves focused on what the true meaning of Christmas is, then we are more likely to stay on track with our budget.

Why is it that we have made the “holidays” the most stressful time of the year? It’s time to take the HOLIDAYS back! Make a change this year. You will be blessed and you are sure to bless others around you. Look forward to the new beginning but don’t forget to reflect on the past. Start meaningful traditions that will become treasures to you and to your family.


Tim and Shanna