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8 Questions, I get frequently about Beachbody Coaching

Here are the 8 most common questions that I’ve received:

1. What do I do as a Coach?

As a Team Beachbody coach, you help motivate and guide others as you move towards your own fitness and nutritional goals. You provide guidance with meal plans and help clients make the best use out of Beachbody’s many online resources and tools. You also help your clients troubleshoot issues and support them in their endeavor to meet their health and fitness goals.

You do not have to be a certified personal trainer, a nutritionist, or a medical expert. You only have to have the desire to help yourself and others get fit!

2. What are the benefits of coaching?

  • You have the opportunity to make a difference by helping others lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.
  •  Helping others helps you become more accountable with your own fitness.
  • You receive 25% off all products.
  • You get your own personalized online websites/store.
  • You are not responsible for shipping or inventory.
  • You have unlimited income potential.
  • You are a personal business owner.

3. Can I coach if I’m not at my goal-weight?

Even if you are just starting your fitness journey, you will see yourself as being healthier because you are a fitness coach. Other people will notice that you are putting in an effort and making a lifestyle change. Whether you have lost 5 or 105 lbs, friends & family will look at the effort you are making at becoming a healthy role model and respect you for that.

A mistake some people make is that they believe “I can’t be a coach because I haven’t lost much weight yet.” Many people will relate to you just the way you are. Most people struggle to push play and eat healthy. People will look up to you precisely because you are in the same shoes that they are, but you are taking control and doing something about it.

4. How much does it cost to get started?

There is a $39.95 start-up fee. After the first month, there is a monthly $15.95 business fee. This gives you access to Coach Relations Services, including 3 personalized websites, email account, personal development via Success Magazine, & online office tools to manage your growing business.

If you are an ACTIVE military personnel, ( you or your spouse)  then Beachbody will waive the start-up fee. (FREE)

The start-up fee is waived if you purchase a Challenge Pack at sign up. This is the route most people choose as it’s imperative to be a product of the product.

5. How much money can I earn?

Whether your goal is to simply earn an extra $500/month to help pay the mortgage or to replace your JOB income, the sky is the limit. What started out as having a little extra each month for my family to simply getting  products for FREE has turned into a full-time business that has allowed me to stay home with my three kids and be a good wife for my husband and take some of the stress off him in providing for our family needs.

6. How do I grow my business?

This is entirely up to you. Whether you choose to grow your business via social media, the phone, email, blogging  or face-to-face, our TEAM will point you to the appropriate resources to assist you.

7. Is this a scam?

Nope. Beachbody is a well-established, respected infomercial company that has been around for more than 15 years. In 2006, it earned $139 million dollars in revenue, and in 2008, that number more than doubled to $300 million. The projected 2012 year-end revenue was $584 million. These figures are only expected to grow.  In 2006, Beachbody launched Team Beachbody which provided Independent Coaches to help customers complete and finish their fitness programs.   As of March 2014, Team Beachbody  has  over 150,000  Coaches over the world.

8. Do I have to sell? I don’t like to sell.

Most of us feel the same way! We don’t like to sell, and the good news is that we don’t sell!

Being a coach is about sharing information with others, in regard to both the fitness & nutrition products and the business opportunity. The introduction of Challenge Packs and Challenge Groups has made it even easier to spread the news.Talking to people about what Beachbody has to offer is kind of like going to a movie or a restaurant, and then sharing the good or bad information regarding your experience with your family and friends. Do you feel like you are SELLING your family or friends when you tell them you had a great meal at a restaurant or saw a really good movie? Of course not! It’s the same way with this business. You are just sharing some information with others about what Beachbody has done for YOU; it’s up to them to decide what to do with that information.

If you are ready to join a team that is filled with integrity & passion plus are ready to make a change in your life, we are waiting to welcome you with open arms. Don’t hesitate. NOW is the time to take control…of your health, your fitness, & your finances.  Team Shanna Corum Body & Soul is ready to equip you to be  the best Business owner you can be.


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The Top 10 Reasons To Join My Team

My personal journey has taken me down a course in life that is both wonderful, and at the same time completely life changing! The best way that I can describe the change in my life is both physically and now mentally…my entire outlook on life has changed for the better.

And now I want to give back! I want to make a difference! The best way that I know how is to spread the news, helps others, and be there for anyone that wants to take control of their lives and feel better than ever in the process.

What are the “TOP 10” reasons for joining my team?

  1. A chance to become more physically, nutritionally, spiritually and financially FIT!

  2. Free coaching along your fitness journey!

  3. A fitness accountability partner in me directly and so many others just like you!

  4. Someone to listen, motivate, encourage  and be there when you need them most!

  5. Access to the best workouts, meal plans and recipes to help you be a success!

  6. Discounts on Shakeology and any Beachbody Workout!

  7. A chance to become a Beachbody coach and help others – to make a difference in Changing Lives Club!

  8. A chance to start your own business!  Entrepreneurship is creating the life  you desire most!

  9. A chance to win fabulous trips and prizes!

  10. A chance for life changing, and creating  financial freedom for generations to come!

There are so many ways that being a part of Team Beachbody can help you, your friends, family members and the many others out there that will soon be your friends for life.  Our Sisterhood community is for life-givers. Truly a blessing and rewarding at the same time.
For me, My  “WHY” on becoming a Team Beachbody Coach is “to provide for my family by helping other women. To earn an income,  use my God-given potential to live intentionally and purposefully  in serving my family.”
Please just CONTACT me today if you’d like to hear more!
~ Shanna