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Leaving your Finger Print in your Community


Leaving your Finger Print on your community


A few weeks ago one of our pastors preached about leaving a Finger Print in your community!  This message is still ALIVE on my heart. It was from Luke 14:7-14.  One thing I have applied in my life is that when I hear a sermon or message I try to implement  what I heard into my daily LIVE.  And I remember these men who are sharing this news are humans just like myself. (not perfect, a sinner used by God to share his word)  So as Christian it is my job to seek GOD for TRUE direction and guidance.  (So I go back to the bible myself)   I usually ask God a few questions,  how does this apply to me, how can I change my own heart and be closer to you, and what are you asking ME to do Lord to serve others?

I want to encourage you as well and give you a few suggestions about areas you may leave a finger print in your community or in the world.  Some of these things we do as family and others are gifts that I don’t have but think are a great way to get involved.  If you have others you want to share, then please do under the comments.  The more positive things we can surround ourselves with, the BETTER the world can BE.
  1.  Taking care of the poor.  We sponsor kids from Compassional International  ( we have three amazing kids that we get to see and hear them grow emotional, medical needs, educational and spiritual). Our Ethiopian Sponsored kids are our FAMILY.    Homeless shelter, Springs Rescue Missions, Street Church, Blessing Bags for the homeless (we keep some in our car all the time)
  1. Make a Meal or any type of food and take to a neighbor, a family that is in need, or a JUST BECAUSE gift….. (those are the Best)
  1. Theme Nights for your neighborhood – TACO TUESDAY, you know this is something that is dear to my heart. We have been doing this ministry for over 8 years now.  Every Tuesday (that we are in town during the summer) we have neighbors and friends come over for dinner.  They bring their own meat for their family and a side dish to share.  That simple.. Great fellowship. (and my KIDS LOVE IT and learn how to live life with others from your front porch)    In the winter we do CROCK POT FELLOWSHIP on Thursday nights.  Every one brings a crock pot dish to share. That simple!!
  1.  Find an organization to invest in our youth and students.   Young Life is a great organization that serves in most communities.  FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) almost every school will have this organization.  This was something I was involved in when I was in High School (Class of 1989)!  And they are still around TODAY.
  1. Find friends that have a GIFT that may not be one of yours but you NEED and you are able to benefit from.  For example,  I have a friend that started a Frugal Habits Facebook group  and shares tips of all kinds for families to save money, learn about ways to invest and  grow financial!!  It doesn’t matter how much money you make, being a good steward with what God has given you, is the BEST way to LIVE.  This group has changed my life so much.  It has Opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about MONEY.  ( and who it belongs too… GOD owns everything and he can give us amazing blessings or take them away for poor managing His things)   And let me share with  you, Money is talked about in the bible more than any other topic. So Jesus knew that would be a big deal in our own lives today.   Money is not evil, it how we use money that can be evil or a blessing.  When you know the difference there  is FREEDOM.  An area where we are learning from way to many mistakes.
  1. Find an Accountability partner.  I have all different types of women in my LIFE that support and give me Godly advice when I need them.  Honestly, this is one area that is NON-Negiotable.  My friends, we all need accountability partners.  Different types of accountability partners and mentor  can be:  Prayer partner,  Financial partner, Fitness and Nutrition coach, Marriage counselor,  If you are a Believer, someone that can call you out if you are not walking in the direction that is Glorify to God.  Someone that is older that can give you guidance on parenting.  These people are definitely leaving a finger print in my own Life (which is helping to change the world).
  1. Find a GIFT that God has given YOU and USE it for others.  Meal planning and prep for others is one gift that God has giving me and I love helping others.  Taking a few hours each week to sit down and really plan out your week is huge on how successful your week can go.
Believe me, my life is on a huge roller coaster right now that is extremely bumpy.  So I have TWO choices >>
  1. FACE them and allow God to lead and trust his directions and continue to do what He has called me to DO.  Which is to serve others and pray that I leave some positive type of finger prints on my own kids, in my community  and with others in the world.  OR
  2. Say the heck with it, and take things in my own hands and live by my own rules and see how it plays out.
Well, #2 is not an option for ME and I pray it is not an option for you either.   God is only person that can get us through this journey here on earth.  He has created each of us with a plan and purpose.  He uses people as vessels to minister and encourage one another.  Be that LIGHT and VESSEL for yourself, your family and for others.
If you want to check out my LIVE chat about  these suggestions,  CLICK for the LINK
Love you my friends,
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