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Valene and Jessica’s Story

velene p90Valene’s story to YOU….

“Ok, so here it goes. It is taking A LOT of courage and swallowing of pride to post these pictures – I’m so embarrassed, but I keep telling myself that it’s not who I am anymore! I hope that it inspires someone, anyone…even if it’s just ONE person – to take the leap. Then it will be worth it to me. I am a Mom of 2 awesome, and beautiful kiddos. I work full time. On the left, I was full of WHATEVER excuses I could think of. On the RIGHT is the result of me pushing all those excuses out of my head, and taking charge of my own health. 
I’ve lost weight before…up/down and back UP again. But NEVER again. With#P90 I have achieved results that I thought were unattainable for me! In 90 days, about 30-45 minutes of exercise a day along with a clean and healthy diet, I lost 25 pounds and 21.5 inches!! If I can do it…you can do it! Take that chance on yourself and make it happen!!”

Jessica p90Jessica’s story of GRATEFULNESS.. on saying YES

“I am so thankful I made the decision to change my health and wellness! I’m so grateful that this program came along, because it breaks my heart to know I would still be in my same old routine at 240 lbs struggling with how to begin. To know it was as easy as making time everyday to workout (minimal time), follow a nutrition guide, and drink Shakeology, makes me wished I had this program years ago! My takeaway from this experience is “we are much stronger than we think.” Life is always going to throw you curve balls everyday, it’s how you handle them!”

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