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Online Challenge Groups

What is a Challenge Group? 

 A Challenge Group is a small, exclusive group committed to getting healthy and FIT  by participating in the same or similar Beachbody workout programs for a defined period of time.  I  organize the group and set up a specific and  Private Facebook page for the group members. (no one sees what is going on in our private page except the members.. seriously so cool).   Everyone in the group helps, inspires, encourages  and motivates each other to achieve their health and fitness goals by sharing tips, accountability, and results.  It is a team committed to success in The Beachbody Challenge contest.

How do YOU join one of my Challenge groups? 

Click HERE for an application

Bring your mind, body & soul and I will do my BEST to help you achieve your physical and spiritual goals. Believe in yourself  because I will be BELIEVING in YOU!


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