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What are Shanna’s thoughts about Shakeology?

Look, I am no health expert, but I have made some serious changes in my life that helped me to now lead a healthy LIFESTYLE as well as my family… and I make it a point to SHARE those things with others!
ONE thing that I have learned is that MARKETING COMPANIES are ON TO YOU!!! They know that most of us (who are trying to be health conscious) flip over their product and take a quick glance at 3-4 things (Calories, Carbs, Protein… and of course, COST) so they do whatever it takes to make their product LOW CAL, LOW-CARB, RICH in PROTEIN and try to do so at a LOW COST, so that YOU will buy it. Do you agree?
But what that USUALLY means is that they have to ADD artificial sweeteners like SUCRALOSE for taste and that “SUGAR-FREE” label (which by the way are PROVEN to make you gain weight by stimulating your appetite, increasing cravings and stimulating FAT storage) and/or SUBTRACT the actual NUTRITIONAL VALUE (so that they can keep COSTS down and make a profit!)
But here is the thing: Your body NEEDS NUTRIENTS (Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytonutrients, etc) in order to function as the well oiled machine it was designed to be. While LOW-CAL may keep you thin, it most definitely alone is not going to be what keeps you HEALTHY.
I am not just talking healthy like you won’t get type-two diabetes or cancer. I KNOW ladies in my demographic are looking at all different areas of their health. Some may not be very worried about that right now, but let me ask you this:
➢Do you wake up feeling RESTED? ➢Do you have SUSTAINED ENERGY throughout the day WITHOUT coffee or Red Bull? ➢Do you have CLEAR FOCUS while at work? ➢Are you constantly battling CRAVINGS? ➢Do you tend to get sick often? ➢Oh, and are you “REGULAR?” (you know what I mean)
ALL of these things are linked to your HEALTH and the kind of nutritional choices you are making. So, YES… I believe in SHAKEOLOGY and I’ve drank it nearly EVERY day for the past 3 years and YES, I am aware there are lower cost, lower cal, lower carb options out there! But when you KNOW BETTER, You DO BETTER, and then YOU FEEL BETTER!!!
Dig a little deeper and I think you’ll see, you always GET what you PAY for! I am WORTH IT… Are you? Yes you are WORTH IT. Read the Ingredients!


Bonus TIP… from Tony Horton

Shakeology is the World’s Greatest Value in Nutrition.
You could spend more than $700 on supplements, just to re-create all the healthy ingredients in one bag of Shakeology.
But why do that . . . when, for only about $4 a serving, you can get it all in one delicious shake.

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