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Body & Soul Virtual GYM

WELCOME !!   Thank you for visiting my Blog!

I am so excited to share with you this opportunity about joining my private Facebook group called,  Body & Soul Virtual Gym!

God has placed this idea on my heart-a new and exciting way to interact with others like me– surrounding myself with positive, hard working, no-excuse type of women just like me — who want to lift each other higher!  As IRON sharpens IRON, so one Fit Sister sharpens another.  (Proverbs 27:7)

I’ll be sharing, with you, my “why” and my “how”! My desire is to interact with you on a deeper level in this group and it’s 100% FREE!  My coaching is FREE!!

Two things that I ASK is that you must:
1) Not already be a coach
2) Not already working with a coach

Health and Fitness is my PASSION and I find JOY in helping others to achieve their goals. My goal here is to create an open environment to connect with others in a on line  group format where people can just SHARE and BE – Whatever it is that you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I want to know all about it and I know others will want to also! You may be a dancer, a runner, a walker, a jogger or a lifter and you may do Beachbody, OrangeTheory, PureBarre, ToneItUp, compete, power lift — you’ve got a free corner of the internet to BELONG.

JOIN HERE: Body & Soul Virtual GYM 

We will see where this journey takes us. No negativity, no victims, no excuses, no perfection, no judgement and no limits to what we can do together!  If you decide to take a leap of faith and join us,  here is a description on what you will be seeing in our PLACE!

Body & Soul  Virtual GYM!

I am so glad you have decided to join this adventure with me and connect with other like-minded, determined and passionate women. We are all here to encourage and support each other on our unique journeys toward achieving our individual goals. One size does not fit all!

This is OUR place, please feel free to post things that inspire you because what gives you inspiration may inspire others! Also, post articles, videos, photos, blog posts and quotes that you know will impact others in our FIT FAMILY. I just ask that whatever you post be appropriate for all types of viewers and please avoid anything with offensive or crude language.

OUR place is a SAFE environment so when you find yourself struggling, then open up and share this struggle with the group and WE will all be here to help you and to support you.

OUR place is here to CHEER YOU ON! Share your successes! We want to celebrate with you and keep in mind that your success may inspire and motivate others in the group.

OUR place will be energized with POSITIVITY! Let’s be loving, kind and respectful of one another. Negative comments create an unpleasant and unhealthy atmosphere. I desire to protect OUR place from such negativity and will remove anyone who disregards this guideline.

Please note that OUR place is NOT a place to sell products. I am a fitness coach and business mentor with Beachbody and I do connect the people who I meet online with products and programs that are right for their goals, and in certain special cases, the Beachbody Coaching opportunity. However, OUR PLACE is about CONNECTION, POSITIVITY, COMPASSION, and STRENGTH!    I will not use OUR place as a platform to spam this group with links for selling products, so please do not do it either. Bottom line-OUR place is here is SUPPORT one another!

In the event you would like more information about a fitness system, nutrition plan, supplement or the coaching opportunity, please private message me and we will begin figuring out what is best for YOUR GOALS–not mine.

I am so HONORED that your have chosen to connect with OUR place! This group is what you make of it! Some of us may be chattier than others or more bold to share. God made me to be BOLD and to SHARE what He places on my heart. I am still a work in PROGRESS! Others may be silent observers, and that’s okay too! OUR place will be made up of different personalities and this is what will keep OUR group energized! Never be afraid to reach out for help, ask for encouragement, request prayer or even if you just need a pep talk. There will be no judgment here!

If you’re new — Introduce YOURSELF! We want to know all about you! Share your goals!

My motto here is BE REAL, BE BOLD, BE YOU!

If you have any questions, please contact me!

In this together with JOY,


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