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Autumn’s story

I loved getting updates on your journey!


October 23, 2016 >> Today’s weigh-in marks over 90 lbs gone. NINETY freakin pounds…a preteen y’all! My heaviest and unhealthiest I was at 226 lbs. Its been 3 long years, lots of food and exercise battles lost and won. My body isn’t perfect, but its the only one i have and I’m proud to say I am finally learning to love the skin I’m in.  XOXO Autumn




autumn ford 2 years


Autumn’s story

“The picture on the left was 2 years and 60lbs ago at my mom’s funeral. The right picture  I took today, November 2014.   That’s what eating healthy, exercising and good friends can do!”

 Ladies, if I can do this, anyone can. It’s like Sonya Sturdivant Sanchez always says…you will be glad in a year that you started today. Life is an amazing gift from God, and I know that for me that letting food control you is like being in prison.

Break free and be all God intended you to be-dependent on Him! One day, one step, one self discipline moment at a time is all it takes!”





autum before and 6 mos

 This picture was Fall 2013 then Spring 2014…. 30 lbs gone!

More joys from Autumn.. during her fitness journey Dec 30, 2013

“Workout done today…back on beta. I am pumped to reach my goal! I want to lose my last 53# by august, which will put me at 80# in one year. I tried on clothes last week and I couldn’t find a 16p…all I could find was 14 petites. I was hesitant to try them on bc I thought they would be way to small and I didn’t want to depress myself. I did anyway, and the fit with wiggle room! I have done atkins, calorie counting, slimfast, and weight watchers….Shanna you put all that to shame!

Thank you so much for getting me where I am now (27# and 2 sizes down!) I feel great (and skinny, even though im not technically! ) I haven’ been in a 14 since before I had kids…Jake is getting the thinner wife he never had lol!


Dec 24, 2013

 Worked out yesterday and today…we will see about tomorrow. My gift to myself this year is better health, and I couldn’t have achieved my 26 lb weight loss without you all! Thank you especially Shanna for being my accountability, and Sonya for being my in person partner in this journey! Hope everyone has a merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

 September 2013,

Wow! I only lost 11 lbs the last 4 weeks but my blood pressure is waaaayy lower. That is an awesome result


I am so honored to have Autumn as my friend and a faithful coach!! I am so proud of you, darlin!  In over a year.. T25, 21 Day Fix, Piyo, 3 Day Refresh and Shakeology has redefined this beautiful wife and mom. She is FREE.. from the control of food.

 She is unstoppable and continues driving on her fitness and health journey.  She will nail her GOALS and her journey  will continue…. This is a new lifestyle for Autumn and her family.

Purejoy! When a momma creates a new change for themselves,  it can change the dynamic of the entire family.


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