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My Story, which is being written daily.

Shanna’s Story


Through my health and fitness journey, over these past few years, I have learned more about myself and who I am in Christ.   I would like to share my story with you.  I’m tall and thin and you may say “SKINNY”!  Believe me, I have heard that all of my LIFE…for almost 46 years.   I never really struggled with my weight growing up but I thought because of my interest in modeling that I needed to be thin for shows. Later in high school I could eat what I wanted and never gained a pound. I was extremely active…involved in every activity and loved cheerleading. Food became just a substance to me because I had to eat and did not matter what it was.  I never experienced an eating disorder and I am so grateful for that. I do remember that I never felt like I had control over what I put into my body.  I just lacked the knowledge, willpower or even the care of what I placed into my body. I survived on a very unhealthy diet of fast and junk food with no real exercise at all.  My poor choices landed me in the hospital my senior year in high school.  My body knew at the time that I was not nourishing myself as God had intended for me to.  This was the beginning of learning what was wrong with my body.

My Sophomore year in college I became a vegetarian.  I never really enjoyed meat so it was not difficult for me to give up.  I continued eating junk and processed foods.  My belief was, “I am thin so I can eat whatever I want and never have issues with weight”!  Did I ever hear of the word healthy?  Not yet.  After college, I was still very thin and started having issues with my tummy. I would experience major cramps when I ate certain foods. Food that I was eating at the time did not process appropriately so diarrhea was very common for me. Obviously something was not right. My good friend suggested that I needed to see a doctor for a physical.  At 26 years old, I had a colonoscopy and they found that my large intestine was damaged and it did not process foods correctly. I had experienced severe sinus issues from the time I was a child and after years of antibiotics my large intestine had suffered.  The doctors didn’t have any suggestions on how I could correct this issue but instead told me that it was something I would just have to live with. Not one doctor said I should change my diet, try probiotics or focus on nutrition in my diet.  Truly, I was diagnosed with an “over excited intestine”!  I would tell people that when they asked my why I was so “SKINNY”.

In 1999, Tim and I got married, and I weighed 114 lbs. the lowest weight I have ever been. We now have three kiddos.  With each pregnancy I gained the expected weight, about 40 lbs, and lost it quickly after my babies were born.  I still never exercised.  Not ONCE. Why would I?  I was already thin and skinny!  My mindset became a pattern…a crazy pattern that lead me to believe that it wasn’t necessary for a “skinny girl” to exercise because exercising, in my mind, was about losing weight and I didn’t need to lose weight.  At this time in my life I hardly ever drank alcohol, no soda and very little caffeine.  I no longer craved these and I still don’t.  For the next 11 years my body pretty much stayed the same.  I continued to hear the words (that I despise) from my friends and family…”You look anorexic!”, “You are too skinny!”, “Look at your bones!”  These words became a sword in my heart. I believed in my heart that I would always be called “skinny” and that I would never look good in this body God gave me. I believed that I couldn’t be very attractive as a young momma at the time.  And after nursing my second child, well the chest went away! Bye, bye boobies. But, I did start to learn what was healthy for my children. Nursing was top on my list.  Most breastfed babies were healthy children.  I learned so much more than that just this. Having kids started changing my perspective on FOOD. What is healthy food? Why is it important to a child?  Why is it important to me as an adult?  What changed in my life?  One of our close families was diagnosed with major infections from black mold in their home.  This news hit us very hard as friends and as a community.  Suddenly, we learned that the things around us could affect our bodies and our health.  After my third child was born, I got shingles (on my back that wrapped around my hip) and highly exposed eczema all over my hands.  This was very painful and uncomfortable. What caused it?  Several variables including stress and poor nutrition.  I felt that God was speaking loud and clear to me.  Things in my life needed to change.  I went to a women’s retreat and was introduced to Yahweh Yoga. This is something I enjoyed and it was a great way for me to center my mind, body and soul. So yoga was my new thing.  Once a week for a few months here and there, not a steady or consistent routine, I practiced yoga.  During this time my friend who was detoxing from mold was exploring the world of FOOD.  She became my life source regarding nutrition. I began to learn more about chemicals, additives, sugars, and processed foods. I soaked up everything she said like a sponge.  I found it all fascinating.  I became very passionate about nutrition and my personal health.  I continued to struggle with stomach issues.  This, for me was natural, after 15 years, and it was something I knew I would have to live with.  My body did not like food and therefore food was not important to me because it just caused me to have issues that were out of my control.   Food made me feel miserable and I didn’t even like to spend money on it.  Food is not good for me.  But, then I learned that “food” is not what was causing my problems, it is the “food” that I chose to put in my body that was causing my problems.  My intestines were not healthy and functioning properly for my body.   I began to question how I could rebuild the organ that I was responsible for destroying over all of these years of poor eating choices.  The answer was simply to change my eating habits by introducing clean foods into my diet.  The first thing I did was to reduce my dairy intake.  This was difficult because I LOVE cheese, which has always been my go-to lunch with crackers.  I now know now this is not lunch.  I also removed all creamy rich dishes from my diet completely.

I was introduced to Beachbody, by a friend, in May 2012.  She felt that since I love to share with other people what I have learned about nutrition I would be a right fit for this company. This is when fitness and Shakeology were introduced into my world.  Personally, I wasn’t sure. Seriously, I was a 41 year old skinny chick that HATED exercising and she wants me to help people lose weight?  They would laugh in my face…this skinny girl couldn’t possibly know anything about struggles with food and emotional eating!  I know that some people still believe this about me and that’s okay now because I am a very confident strong woman.  I finally started to exercise and explore the workout programs offered by Beachbody.  As I began my fitness journey, I also started drinking Shakeology and noticed that when I would eat I would retain my food and it would actually stay in my body longer providing me with the nutrition that I needed. My organs were absorbing good nutrients for the first time.  Hallelujah. Praise the Lord!  I was becoming STRONGER…both my body & my soul!

Everything began to click for me about what my body needs for strength.  Also, I now know what I can live on as a vegetarian and still get all of my nutrients.  I  eat only clean veggies, fruits, proteins, grains, healthy fats, and oils!  I now know that I do have to EAT and I can eat more now than I did before because my source is clean and nutritious! My food choices work well for my tummy. My sinus allergies are also much better.

Is my body perfect?  Do I have all the answers when it comes to nutrition?  No, of course not! Will I ever?   Probably not! I do know that I am exactly where God wants me to me. However, I am open to listen, to learn and  to seek His will for my life everyday.  This is my journey,  I know I am a broken momma that has learned new ways to see the beauty in her own body while committing to get Healthy and FIT. I have found my place.  I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been. I drink Shakeology consistently and I work out 5 days a week at my home.   You don’t have to go to a gym or hire a personal trainer.

At 45 years old I feel great and I am pretty proud of it.  I am the mom of my IPC3’s:  Isabella–my 16 year old fashionista and beauty advisor-who has just purchased her first car! She is a great nanny and loves babysitting.   Isaiah–my 14 year old sports-loving son–who is strong-willed and bold!  And, my baby–Illianna–who is 11 and loves cheerleading  and snuggling with her Momma and Daddy!  I am the wife to Tim of 17 years.  Together, we are a non-perfect family devoted to one another by God’s grace and learning to live solely under His guidance.  Without our Father in Heaven we are only souls of existence without the abundance of joy He desires for us.  

Health is my passion, Fitness is my motivation, and Christ keeps me centered.  This is me…Be Real, Be Bold, Be YOU.

If you’re looking to get started  on your own journey and need some accountability, guidance and a friend to help you get started, shoot me an email at or add me to facebook or just leave your email below and I’ll get in contact with YOU!




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