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Tips for Surviving the Weekend on Track

How To Survive the WeekendStaying on Track With Your Fitness and Nutrition


How To Survive the Weekend

Staying on Track With Your Fitness and Nutrition


Happy Friday!   Today’s Friday Focus is all about your weekend.  


You’ve worked hard all week!  Congratulations!  Now, don’t blow it on the weekend!  Your fitness and nutrition journey must become your lifestyle.  I believe that “dieting” is not a realistic journey.  The latest fad diets are just that…fads.  Usually they come with great testimonials and sure they may help to drop pounds off your weight and inches off your waistline.  But, realistically they are a short lived adjustment to a routine you are likely to fall right back into.  Adapting a lifestyle that you honestly believe in and that is working for you is much more likely to give you the results you desire.  I’ve seen too many people that have joined the latest dieting craze that suggests you can diet all week and binge on your weekends.  Really?  These types of plans are sure to set you up for failure.  A lifestyle of nutritional eating is an everyday focus.  Can you treat yourself?  Of course, but in moderation.  And, your fitness schedule should also become part of your lifestyle.  Weekends pose a challenge to our health only if we allow them to.  Following are some tips to help you survive the weekends by staying on track with your fitness and nutrition journey.  


  1. Planning and preparation are key to keeping you focused throughout everyday of the week.  Try buying your groceries before the weekend and go ahead and plan out your meals.  As with anything, the more preparation you do before hand to overcome obstacles, you will have a better chance of staying on track.  It’s important that you continue to eat like you do everyday.  Why would you want to break a habit of healthy eating?


  1. Start each day out right, regardless of the day.  Follow a regular routine of getting up and  getting active.  During the week, our schedules are dictated by work, school, appointments and other commitments.  Our weekends may provide us with the opportunity to take advantage of additional activity time, like longer, more strenuous workouts.  How about taking a hike, riding a bike or enjoying other outdoor exercise?  


  1.  You earned your weekend, now enjoy it!  Plan for relaxation and schedule downtime.  You worked really hard all week and it’s okay to take a break.  What you have to consider is what the “break” looks like.  You certainly don’t want to say, “all bets are off, woohoo it’s the weekend” and throw all your efforts right out the window.  Schedule activities that you enjoy.  And, remember to balance out relaxation with action.  Also, it’s important to stick to your usual sleep schedule.  Changing your sleep habits could throw off your schedule completely, including your nutritional schedule.  If you exhaust yourself all weekend, did you really even have a weekend?


Remember to stay determined and make decisions for your weekend that will bring you success.  Have realistic expectations and allow yourself to enjoy your time off by keeping yourself focused on what’s important for the overall survival of your fitness and nutrition lifestyle.








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