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This Year, I Choose to be Determined

You can be DEFEATED or you can be DETERMINED~  It’s a choice that YOU get to make every day.  I want this year to be YOUR year of DETERMINATION! Doesn’t that sound GREAT?  

Defeated or DeterminedI

I  CHOOSE to be Determined!


For years I struggled with self identity.  I wanted to be the ideal wife, the ideal mom, the ideal friend.  It’s not that I wanted to be someone else.  I wanted to be the best me.  But, I looked around at other women comparing myself to them.  I would notice characteristics of others that I wished I had.  But God knew exactly who I was and everything about me.  Then, along came an INNER desire for me to get healthy.  My passion became fitness and nutrition.  It’s been almost 5 years since I began this journey that God created for me.  He placed the path right in front of me.  I didn’t realize at the time how God would use my health journey to change me…from the inside out, stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I’m not a new woman and I’m not a woman who is identified by other women.  I am a woman who is identified in Christ!  A woman who is FOCUSED on who God wants ME to be.  I’m just me…a mom, a wife, a business owner, and a friend who is blessed with gifts and talents that I use to help other women, who like me have struggles, reach the true destiny God has created for all of us.


It’s 2017!  This year instead of trying to create a “new you”…let’s FOCUS on the “YOU” who already exists!  You see, you are a woman who was created uniquely.  YOU are enough.  YOU are creating a legacy.  YOU are AMAZING!  


This year, let’s FOCUS on not being attached to an outcome.  The joy of positive change will be yours to claim.  


This year, let’s FOCUS on areas of GROWTH and grab the COURAGE to create NEW HABITS, instead of trying to break old ones.


This year, let’s FOCUS on discovering the sweet spot between EFFORT and DISCIPLINE.  


This year, let’s take time to FOCUS on SELF CARE to find your inner JOY.


This year, let’s FOCUS on COMPASSION and KINDNESS for others.


This year, let’s FOCUS on thinking in terms of INTENTIONS and not resolutions.  Intentional thinking makes room for the outcome to be for US.


This year, let’s FOCUS on BREATHING.  Inside each breath, God whispers that “YOU ARE ENOUGH”.


This is YOUR year!  My intention is to show YOU that YOU have what it takes to create beauty all around YOU.  


The only requirement of YOU?  Showing up EVERYDAY!

I would love for you to join me in my Body & Soul Virtual Gym.  Are you ready to see life changing results from the inside out?  Are you ready to see a physical transformation?  Are you ready to see a RENEWED spirit within you?  My Body & Soul Virtual Gym is made up of women just like YOU.  And, the transformations, from the inside out, are nothing short of inspiring.  The emotional, physical and spiritual breakthroughs are all very much connected.  More importantly, the support among this amazing group of women is YOUR opportunity to be held accountable and to hold others accountable also.  It’s the YEAR to take care of yourself and to better equip YOURSELF to handle what life throws your way and to live up to YOUR God-given potential.


I am ready to show you how to get fit, equipped and drop unwanted weight by eating REAL food and adding in daily exercise.  NO spending HOURS in the gym with NO results.  NO boring food, NO counting calories and NOTHING off limits.  I will set you up with an easy to follow meal plan, 30 minute workouts and dense nutrition to get you moving FORWARD with your life.  My meal planning ideas, recipes and tips along with being a part of my 100% private Body & Soul Virtual Gym with other FIT SISTERS striving for excellence not perfection. This will be a POWERFUL group.


Don’t allow another year to get away from YOU!   Stop with the excuses and allow this to be YOUR YEAR!


Spots are filling FAST, comment below with “This YEAR”,  email or  

Fill out application link here TO JOIN  > Body & Soul Virtual GYM  

Here is the bigger deal >  YOU will dive into something way deeper. It won’t just be weight loss or toned arms, but a greater love for yourself and become more Spiritually FIT.        





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