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3 Day Refresh Results in Body & Soul Test Group

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3-Day Refresh

Refresh…3 days!  This simple and quick program gives you an opportunity to put the brakes on your routine to focus on you and your health journey.  We all get busy with life and when we are busy some of us may not put our health at the top of our priority list.  Even though we may have ingrained clean eating into our habits we may find it easy, at times, just to grab something that’s not the best nourishment for our bodies.  We all make mistakes and that’s okay as long as we take opportunities to pause, reflect and re-focus on what should be one of the most important priorities we have—ourselves.

As summer winds down we are reminded of what’s just around the corner.  The holidays!  Really?  The calendar is like a wheel that just continues moving forward and as much as we try to slow it down it just keeps turning.  That’s why it is so important for us to look for times when we can slow ourselves down to REFRESH.

“My journey was a battle against stress! The Refresh didn’t make me sick and it actually wasn’t too difficult. I lost 10 lbs. during an extremely high time of stress. I didn’t measure inches but my 11 year old son even noticed the difference in my belly. I would do it again without a doubt!”—Kate


The 3-Day Refresh is a program for anyone who is looking for a kick start to a healthier lifestyle and break clean from eating habits that are not supporting their health and weight-loss goals, or for a monthly “tune-up” used to knock off a few pounds or for someone who is challenging themselves to complete an ultimate year of health.


Results are proven.  Challengers who have participated in this program are losing on average about 3 pounds and a couple of inches.  But, it’s not necessarily about losing pounds as much as it is about correcting eating habits.  Take this opportunity to look at what you are eating.  Cleanse yourself of the bad by taking in the good.


“The first two days were fine for me. I really enjoyed the dinners I chose. I didn’t have any cravings but I had a caffeine withdrawal headache the entire three days. I felt great up until day three. Day three I felt a little light headed and grumpy. I was ready to eat something other than veggies. Down 6.8 lbs. and 2 inches off my waist. That was not easy especially day 3 but I did it.  I’m happy with the results because I worked so hard to do the three days perfectly I really don’t want to gain anything back. So I have continued counting calories from my Turbo Fire guide. I hope to have an even better story 6 months from now. Bye bye divorce weight.”—Kristen



Follow the program according to the guide.  This is not a starvation diet so you need to remember to drink a lot of water, have your snacks and eat the proper portions as directed.  The best part of the 3-Day Refresh is you can still have your morning Shake-O!  Try the vegan Shakeology for this program.  The Fiber Sweep, that you will drink during your mid-morning snack actually tastes good!  And the soup at dinner—delicious!  You will be surprised at all the different options you can choose to eat.


“3 Day Refresh completed. Lost 3lbs. and 4.2 inches. On my way to the basement to work out.”—Anna


Join the Challenge to get the results you’re looking for!  What do you have to lose?  How about weight and inches?  What do you have to gain?  How about confidence and clean eating habits?


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